White Fang

White Fang (Class Mascot Travel Journal) 

Rationale – why to include in LA program

  • Students will speak, write, read, view (pictures that they might include in the book), represent (they might draw pictures or take pictures of White Fang’s activities), listen (listening to the student who had White Fang that week read their journal entry)
  • White Fang also builds classroom community because students enjoy talking about his adventures together and share the experience of each having him in their home. It also lets you get to know your students better because you see what they are up to outside of school (e.g. maybe White Fang goes skating with one kid, to Chinese school with another, etc.). He also builds school community because everyone can enjoy his adventures when the book is in the library.
  • White Fang also builds relationships with parents because he is a link between home and school. Parents can see what kids are working on when they help their child complete the journal entry in the travel book or when they include White Fang on their family adventures. It is fun for families too.
  • White Fang also helps you formatively assess your students because you get an idea of where they are at with their reading, writing, speaking, etc.

How to include in LA program

  • White Fang is a stuffy of your choosing (the one our teacher has is a husky dog)
  • Send White Fang home with a different student every week (or every night if you need to get through more students in a shorter period of time). The student you send White Fang home with is responsible for writing about his adventures in the book and reading the journal entry to the class on Monday morning.
  • Be intentional about the student you pick first – send White Fang home with a student who can write fairly well already for the first night.
  • Students can write as many pages as they want in the travel book while they have White Fang.
  • Put the White Fang book in the library so all the kids in the school can read about his adventures. You could also do this as a blog (there is an app off of Google Classrooms we could use).
  • You might want to consider having 2 White Fangs if you need to get him around to more kids in a shorter amount of time. Also consider how you will clean White Fang because he can get pretty dirty on all his adventures!
  • This is similar to the Flat Stanley activity lots of classrooms use as well.
  • Probably most appropriate for a Grade 2 or older classroom because students need to be able to write a bit.