Activity: Texture Rubbings

Activity: Texture Rubbings (Texture)

Explore/create: Students fold their piece of paper into four even sections (fold once lengthwise and then once widthwise and then unfold so you have the creases marking off four different sections). Then take one pencil crayon (one colour) and find four different things in the area with interesting textures to take rubbings of.

Reflect: Then as a group, look at your textures and brainstorm things that they might represent (this helps with the life skill of generating many possibilities). E.g. perhaps the rubbing you have looks like a snake or grass or a book, etc. This will also help students prepare to find images in their textures when they do the Eric Carle style collages in a future class on texture.

When we did this in class, it reminded me a game I have played at summer camps where the kids sit in a circle and pass an object around. Each person comes up with a different idea for what the object could be when it gets to them. For example, we would pass around a hula hoop and someone would say “this is my earring” and hold it up to their ear. The next person might say “this is my scarf” and put it around their neck. This might be a nice activity to do at the very beginning of this lesson (maybe even before taking the rubbings) to get kids used to the idea of brainstorming possibilities.

Explore/create: After the brainstorming, we took smaller white pieces of paper and folded them in half. Then we unfolded them so we had two sections on those papers. We then cut pieces out of our texture rubbings and glued them on one side of the page, arranging them into a picture, pattern or abstract. Next, we took a pencil and drew our picture/pattern/abstract on the other side of the piece of paper, trying to represent the textures using the pencil.

Here is my finished product (wish I had taken pictures at each step of the process!):