Sketchbook To Do

  • Need to ask for someone’s seriation and superimposition art works to put in my sketchbook (bailie to take pic and send to me)
  • Add in the notes I have on the back of my one point perspective 
  • Are the mugs and portraits (graffiti mural) value (what I have in my notes) or form (what it says in the unit plan outline) – are these two different elements of design?? Do we combine them in sketchbook or put them both in?
  • Would be good to colour in my colour handout
  • Need to do ad for sketchbook – is that due for Class 10 too?
    • Something about a powerpoint with 4 things people will discover if they look at our units – this is after we hand in sketchbooks and get units back
    • Actually i think the ad is for the units not the sketchbook and we don’t have to worry about it until after we get our units back
  • take pictures of the elements and principles of design in our art classroom
  • did we ever talk about culturally inclusive art activities?
  • need to sort out form vs value stuff (create a page for value too)
    • Value was the shaded drawing of the mug and the graffiti portraits (but with both we used value to create form i think)
    • Form – plastercine reliefs in the style of barbara reid (also using space in this creation)
    • if time activity for form: new media – letters are everywhere.
    • painting experiments if time at the end of nov 15 class?
  • apparently we are also going to do some activities with principles of design – nov 22 – after we get sketchbooks back.
  • apparently we will create a metaphor for the course after watching a video and doing an activity in the style of Andy Goldsworthy: Scottish Environmental Artist