Self-Assessment of Core Competencies

Creative Thinking – 1. Novelty and Value

I am using my blog to collate my sketchbook. This is novel to me (I haven’t blogged before) and maybe also a novel method of organizing a sketchbook. This format also makes my sketchbook accessible to others (they could even comment on the blog to trade ideas about activities) – in this way it might have an impact on others in the community whose choose to look at it. I also like that this format allows me to easily update my sketchbook on an ongoing basis.

Mark: 4.5/5

Social Responsibility – 3. Valuing Diversity (value diversity, defend human rights, advocate for others, act with a sense of ethics in interactions, including online)

I made a concerted effort to find Aboriginal and local artists to act as my Mentor artists because they are often underrepresented and undervalued. Sometimes it was harder to find them, particularly because their work is not always on an official website online (e.g. some put their images on Facebook instead). I didn’t, however, concentrate on including a wide variety of artists from other cultures.

Mark: 4.5/5