Here is some info on my inquiry project for my seminar class:

Inquiry question: As a non-Indigenous person, how can I continue to build my own relationship with Indigenous ways of knowing and being so that I can bring this learning to my teaching practice in an authentic way?


  1. What are some Indigenous perspectives on how, where and with whom teaching and learning take place?
  2. What are some Indigenous perspectives on what it means to build authentic relationships?
  3. What is the difference between incorporating Indigenous content and Indigenous ways of knowing and being into the K-12 system and should I be incorporating one or the other or both? How do I incorporate Indigenous knowledge in an authentic way so I am doing more than “ticking a box?”
  4. How does “Indigenizing” our education system benefit both Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners?

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Artefacts – showing my progression in my teaching philosophies over my first semester of teacher ed

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