Goal Structures

  • 3 goal structures: competitive, cooperative, individualistic
    • Analogies for competitive: if it’s competitive: if I swim you sink, if you swim I sink
    • Analogies for cooperative: you swim I swim, you sink I sink – we both swim or sink together
    • Analogies for individualistic: doesn’t matter if one is swimming or sinking – you don’t affect one another at all
  • 5 criteria for positive competition
    • Clear criteria – rules for winning are clear
    • Winning is relatively unimportant
    • Strong relationships already exist among the competitors
    • Act fairly and confirm/affirm one another’s competence
    • Everyone has a relatively equal chance of winning
  • 5 skills required for effective cooperation
    • If one wins we all win – we succeed or fail together? Cooperation is not cheating?
    • Trust
    • Accepting / supporting the others
    • Good communication skills – have to be able to talk to each other
    • Conflict resolution skills