Seriation is written as “serialization” in the BC curriculum and refers to an image-making strategy that repeats multiple variations of an image in connection with each other (BC Visual Arts Curriculum K-7, 2010)

Seriation Activities

Artist: Andy Warhol ‘Green Coke Bottles’, 1962

Materials: Water colour pucks, brushes, pencil crayons, felt pens, finger printers, trays with a small amount of water in each, paper towels, ½ sheets of heavier paper

Instructions: Choose a finger printer. Dip it in water and rub it onto the paint pucks until you see colour on the printer. Stamp in a series or randomly. Add details to create a piece that documents multiples – for example, Andy Warhol drew attention to mass production in products and fashion. The sample shows a mass of insects and is called “ Invasive Species”.


I didn’t get time to do this activity either (even with the two classes we had to go through the 4 image making strategies – the Picasso one took me a whole class and I did that one first so ran out of time for all the other ones). Here is a picture of Baylie C’s piece (thanks Baylie for letting me include this in my Sketchbook!):