Fragmentation is an image-development strategy used to detach, isolate or break up some or all of the components of an image (BC Visual Arts Curriculum K-7, 2010).

Fragmentation Activity

Artist: Pablo Picasso ‘Weeping Woman’, 1937

Materials: construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, oil pastels, computer, printer, program: Photo booth

Instructions: Go to the room next door (resource room). Ask Kathleen or Caren to sign you onto the computer and get you into Photo booth. Think of 2 emotions that might represent your personality. Use the first to inspire you to make that expression and take a picture looking right at the computer screen. Use the second emotion to inspire a photograph facing sideways. Print each in black and white. Return to the classroom. Choose a background of construction paper. Cut the portraits out. Now cut them into random shapes and glue them onto the paper to make a Picasso-like double face to show 2 sides of your personality. Unify your piece by adding colour that could also exaggerate the feelings of the expressions (we used pastel to fill in the spaces between the cutouts). Name your piece.


Here is my finished product – I didn’t give it a name! I ended up cutting the pieces up really small so didn’t have a lot actually stuck on my paper. I also might print my pictures out bigger next time. selfportrait2