Animation is an image-development strategy that gives human characteristics to non-human forms (BC Visual Arts Curriculum K-7, 2010).

Animation Activities

Artist: Disney/Pixar

Materials: self-hardening clay, pencils, felt pens, ½ sheets of paper, oil and chalk pastels

Instructions: The curriculum meaning of animation is to give human characteristics to inanimate or non-human objects. Use self-hardening clay to create a small animated object. Use pencil or felt pen to add textures or colours. Add facial features to create a human-like appearance. Create a back-drop with ½ sheets of paper and oil or chalk pastels. Place your piece in front of the backdrop and photograph with your phone to print later for your sketchbook.

Here’s my piece – it’s a basketball court and ball. I am not a huge fan of the way it turned out but I was really crunched for time during the Image Development strategy activities because the Picasso one took me so long. I would also have liked to take a couple of pictures with this and do a stop-motion animation piece but didn’t think of it earlier and unfortunately I don’t have the original anymore…the clay basketball kind of fell apart after I took it home. Next time I guess.


Actually I would love to do this activity again and was thinking about doing an ocean / surfer scene or a beach volleyball scene. It would be neat to combine what I learned through one-point perspective to make the background look 3D.