Mentor Artist for Texture

Art Activities for Texture

Texture is something you can actually feel with your fingers or an image of it (characteristics of something’s surface). Everything has texture. Some examples of textures are tough, smooth, silky, fuzzy, bumpy, scratchy, etc.

  • Real (actual) texture is something you can actually touch (e.g. a Sculpture) – things with real texture feel like they look.
  • Illusion of texture (visual/implied texture) is a painting or image of real texture (e.g. Robert Batemans’ wolf paintings) or something that is created to look like it’s not. This could also be something that is actually rough but looks smooth.

Texture can be used in artwork to create contrast, help balance the piece, or help something in it stand out. Artists use texture for a purpose: to communicate a message (e.g. to say something about a big idea, to answer an inquiry question).

Source: some of this information came from Warren Consolidated Schools (District in Michigan, US)