Mentor Artist for Line

Line Activities

A line is made by joining 2 points; it is essentially the path a dot takes as it moves through space. A line is always longer than it is thick. There are tons of different kinds of lines:

  • Vertical lines – run straight up and down
  • Horizontal lines – run straight from side to side
  • Diagonal lines – run straight in any direction except vertical or horizontal
  • Zigzag lines – these are a bunch of diagonal lines joined together
  • Curved lines – bent lines – they can go from gently wavy to tight spirals

Lines can be long/short, thick/thin, smooth/rough, continuous/dotted or dashed, go in different directions, have different degrees of curvature, etc.

Artists also use line for a purpose: this can be outlining  drawing or painting (to start), communicating emotion (like we will see with Pastel Batik in the Line Activities section), guiding the eye of the viewer through a piece of art, creating lightness or darkness (lines that are closer together look darker), or generating texture.

See the Warren Consolidated Schools website for more info.