Mentor Artist for Colour

Colour Activities

Colour is light reflected off an object.

We learned about a few different colour concepts. Here are a few bullet points first and then see below for a picture of our Colour Concepts for Elementary Teachers handout:

  • Primary colours (red, yellow and blue) are colours that make up all the other colours – i.e. you cannot mix any other colours together to get these colours
  • Secondary colours (greenpurple and orange) are colours you get by mixing the primary colours together
    • Red + yellow gives you orange
    • Red + blue gives you purple
    • Blue + yellow gives you green
  • Tertiary colours are ones you get by mixing a primary and secondary colour together
    • Red + orange gives you red/orange
    • Red + green gives you brown
    • Blue + green gives you blue/green

* Neutral colours are made by combining colours across from each other on the colour wheel (tertiary colour are neutral colours)

  • Monochromatic colour schemes are made using one colour and adding white or black to make that colour lighter or darker (see Colour Wheel) – an example would be going from white to blue to black with various shades of lighter/darker blue in the middle.
  • Complementary colours are colours opposite each other on the colour wheel (each pair has one primary and one secondary colour)
    • Red and green
    • Yellow and purple
    • Blue and orange

* When these colours are placed side by side they attract attention (EMPHASIS). This happens because when they are together they do something to your eyes and cause some sort of visual vibration – you can’t look away. This is why many sports teams use them (e.g. the Edmonton Oilers’ colours are blue and orange).

  • When complementary colours are mixed they create tertiary neutral shadow colours (browns and greys).
    • For example, purple and yellow can make grey if you add white.
    • Red and green can make chocolate brown.
    • Blue and orange can make butterscotch brown.

We also learned that green concealer is often used to be used to neutralize red pimples (this works because they are complementary colours)

Here is a picture of my colour handout (it basically has the same info as is typed above):