Disciplines and Mediums

Graphic Organizer for Grade 5/6 Art

(3 mediums for each of the six disciplines)

Definition of mixed media: means at least 2 different media are visible in the final product

Definition of new media: means artist incorporates materials beyond the normal touch type materials (e.g. incorporate sound, lights)graphic-organizer

* Acknowledgment: Nicole O and Matthew W worked on this graphic organizer with me!

  • This graphic organizer is intended to be a menu of activities I can pull from when developing lessons or unit plans in my practice. My group and I tried to make at least one medium per discipline interesting. Apparently the Crayola website is also a good place to go for ideas and so is Deep Space Sparkle. Pinterest too.
  • Remember when developing a menu like this to make sure the mediums are grade appropriate. For example, our teacher noted that students may have already done vegetable prints in the younger grades so might want to think twice about using them in grade 5/6.
  • Here are some other ideas that didn’t make it into the graphic organizer (some would work better for younger grades):
    • Drawing
      • Body Mapping – link to your stories
      • Grade 1’s might like to draw with magic white crayon and reveal with a water colour wash instead of just drawing with regular crayon.
    • Painting
      • Watercolour
      • Calligraphy brush painting
      • Finger painting
      • Thumb print / hand prints
    • Print making
      • Silk screen (can carve the designs yourself too but maybe for an older grade?)
      • Button maker?
    • Sculpture
      • Elastic band peg art
      • Food fight creation? Or marshmallow / jelly belly sculpture?
      • Lego
      • Moonsand
      • Silly putty
      • Sculpture made out of slime (made from borax and water)
      • Playdough
  • As always we need to think about universal design and how we can provide options so that our activities appeal to all learning styles. We can do things like providing gloves for visual learners who don’t want to get their hands messy, putting on music for auditory learners, providing noise-cancelling headphones for those who are bothered by sounds like music, providing space for kinaesthetic learners to move around, etc.