Teaching Art in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Digital Sketchbook by Zahra Remtulla

course-graphic-org* Each of these represent a way of looking at art and/or the teaching of art

Table of Contents

Planning for Teaching the Visual Arts:

  1. Big Picture and Content (Curriculum)
  2. Inquiry Approach
  3. Assessment and Evaluation with the 5 Competencies
  4. Unit Planning

Understanding the Child:

  1. Learning Styles
  2. Special Needs
  3. Child Development

Understanding and Teaching the Visual Arts:

  1. Elements and Principles of Design (Activities: Explore and Create)
  2. Image Development Strategies (Activities: Explore and Create)
  3. Mentor Artists for Elements of Design (Reason and Reflect)
  4. Disciplines and Mediums
  5. Purpose and History of the Visual Arts (Reasoning/Reflecting Strategies)
  6. Teaching Techniques / Tips (including Holistic Arts Experience)

Self-Assessment of Core Competencies used in sketchbook

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