Classroom Activities – Sensory Preferences and Learning Styles

Classroom Activities for Different Sensory Preferences and Learning Styles

Activity # 1: Finger painting in sensory preferences

Activity # 2: Name Game with Actions 

Here is an activity that could be used to explore sensory preferences (we used it in our teacher training art class too). We stood in a circle and each said our name paired with an action and a word (that could start with the same letter as our name or not). I forget what I actually used but I could have been “Jumping Zahra”. After the first person said their name/word/action, the person next to them had to say their own name/word/action and the person before’s name/word/action. We went around the circle until the last person had to remember what everyone in the circle had said before them. It was interesting to see who needed the action to remember people’s names (I think these would be the kinesthetic/tactual learners) and who needed the “Jumping” word to remember (I think these are auditory learners). Some just remembered the names without using the actions or other words (auditory/visual learners?).

3. Classroom Scenarios