Children’s Literature

Children’s Literature

  • It is important for all grades
  • It is important to be an effective oral reader (activity 1)
  • Read and celebrate literature (activity 1)
  • This is important for all grades (you can also do buddy activities with the younger and older grades)
  • You can use literature to pick out the 6 writing traits – use literature as a model of good writing (activity 2)

Activity 1: Our teacher ed cohort did an activity where we found a picture book we love and read it to a small group – with enthusiasm, joy, etc.). The steps we followed were:

  • Introduce the book
  • Hold it up, share the title, say why you chose it, share your personal connection to it, ask the class what they think the book is about (if you like)
  • Stop and show a picture, predict what is going to happen, etc. throughout the story.
  • We video taped ourselves reading to the small group
  • Then the next day shared a bit about it with the class.


Activity 2: My mentor teacher did an activity with the students where she a few people to read the first sentence in the book they were reading for silent reading. She was teaching a lesson on introductions and hooks. Based on that first sentence, students had to decide whether or not they would read the book. She asked those who would read the book to stand up and those who were comfortable shared why. Then she asked those who would not read the book to stand up and share why if they were comfortable. Then she put them into groups of 4 (literature circles) and they did the same exercise. One person read the first sentence in their book and the others showed with their thumbs (up, sideways or down) whether or not they would read the book and why. Then the next person read the first sentence. It was a great idea but the classroom got pretty loud so it was hard for students to hear and stay engaged.

The dentist and alligator book we read – “who loves going to the dentist?”

Using literature as a model of good writing

Let’s look at a piece with no commas and add them in.