BC Art Curriculum Grades 1-7

BC’s “New” Curriculum 

BC’s new curriculum is structured in terms of Big Ideas (what do we want students to UNDERSTAND) and Learning Standards that consist of Core Competencies (what do we want students to be able to DO) and Content (what do we want students to KNOW). This approach is intended to support personalized learning (allowing students to follow their interests/passions), inquiry and authentic learning (through real-world situations). It also supports deeper learning in a world where technology allows us to easily Google the answer to simple questions and schools can focus on teaching higher order / critical thinking skills.

Here is a graphic from the BC Curriculum website that illustrates how KNOW/DO/UNDERSTAND is supposed to work as a competency-based approach to learning:



Content (Know)

The Content learning standards detail the essential topics and knowledge at each grade level.

Curricular Competencies (Do)

The Curricular Competencies are the skills, strategies, and processes that students develop over time. While Curricular Competencies are more subject-specific, they are connected to the Core Competencies (explained in the 6 Profiles).

Big Ideas (Understand)

The Big Ideas consist of generalizations and principles and the key concepts important in an area of learning. The big ideas represent what students will understand at the completion of the curriculum for their grade. They are intended to endure beyond a single grade and contribute to future understanding.
Source: BC Curriculum website

Art Curriculum

If you click on the links below you will see each of these components outlined for the grades listed below. The Core Competency profiles (grouped into communication, thinking and personal/social competencies) are not grade specific and the Ministry has not clarified how these will be used for assessment yet.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4 

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Core Competency Profiles