Authors’ Chair

Authors’ Chair

Rationale – why to include in LA program

  • Helps students realize they are authors too
  • Helps student realize they might write differently for different audiences

How to include in LA program

  • Choose a special chair to be the author’s chair – it might be a comfier chair than others in the classroom. You might add a sign to the chair identifying it as author’s chair.
  • Explain to students how the chair will be used
    • Students sit in this chair to share their writing with classmates (this is the only time anyone sits there)
    • One student will sit in the author’s chair and the classmates will be on the floor or in chairs in front
  • Students share their writing at different stages of writing process (read it aloud and show accompanying illustrations if any) –> can use this strategy during any phase of writing process
    • E.g. rough drafts – ask for feedback from classmates about how they can revise their writing
    • E.g. sharing published writing – celebrate the completion of writing project
  • Invite listeners to comment if desired
    • Students can raise their hands to share compliments, ask questions or make other comments
  • The student in the author’s chair gets to call on classmates who raise their hands to offer comments and then choose the next student to sit in the chair

* You can also put the writing up on a doc-cam so classmates can read along with student if desired.