One of the first days in our program we were asked to take a picture that represents teaching and learning for us.


I took a picture of the totem poles because teaching and learning can take place for me in so many different ways. Learning about different worldviews, different ways of knowing and being has been huge learning for me both personally and professionally and shaped who I am as a person and educator. The totem poles to me also symbolize relationship/connection and emotion-based learning which are two areas in which I have gotten to do huge learning through my work in Aboriginal health and education. Participating in circles and culture, speaking from the heart, finding my voice and thinking about where I come from / who I am / where I am going are all things that I didn’t think I could do before but in trying to do these things I have experienced huge shifts and transformative learning. I hope to bring these elements into my classroom. I also now recognize that learning doesn’t have to happen from a textbook – experiential, land-based learning and learning through relationship are so important (I have learned so much from talking to Elders and other people).

It’s also a nice reminder that there a many different forms of teaching and it doesn’t just have to be me standing in front of a class.

I went home and added the following pictures from below. The First Peoples Principles of Learning, which I first saw at VIU as one of my coworkers has them in her office. My roommate in Vancouver sent me the Principles of Learning in French so I have included them here too. And Elder Roberta gave me the Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom poster from her work with the Burnaby School District.

I also read this paper that really resonated with me about the influences of Indigenous perspectives on pre-service teachers at UVic. I am still sorting through

Indigenous Principles Decolonizing Teacher Education: What We Have Learned

There is also a link in there to Lil’wat Principles


I also have a picture and thoughts I have used to represent my perceptions and feelings about education now but these are still in my journal for now as well.