Art Inquiry

Some thoughts on an inquiry-based approach:

I pulled this slide from our EDCI 360 (Field Experience) course. We had an afternoon at Royal Bay High School with our partnering educators dedicated to exploring inquiry. I like this slide even though it focuses on teacher inquiry because I think the spiral of inquiry can be used as a guide for student inquiry too.

I suppose our “Explore and Create” followed by “Reason and Reflect” model for unit planning is consistent with this. “Explore and Create” involves playing with materials and elements of design as an introduction – this is like scanning. Then we narrow down the activities to the ones we are going to work on to explore our element of design – focusing. Then we look at Mentor Artists through the “Reason and Reflect” stage to see how they explore our big idea using our element of design / image development strategy. This helps us develop a hunch around a response to our inquiry question. We gather more information and come to a more informed point of view – learning. Then we go back and take action with this knowledge – create our own piece to answer our inquiry question using our element of design and image making strategy. Perhaps assessment is equivalent to the checking stage – e.g. how are we demonstrating the 6 Competency Profiles?