Activity: Selfie Mural

Activity: Selfie Mural (Shape and Space)

(Note: this was the first part of a two part activity – the second part involved exploring the elements of value and form in a graffiti wall).

  • 1. For this activity, we were asked to answer the statement “it might surprise you to know…” with a symbol. We then had to draw the symbol on a half page of firm paper. You could either fold the 1/2 piece of paper in half and cut out a symmetrical shape or just draw a full shape and cut that out.
    • I chose to use a polar bear, because I like polar bear dipping in cold lakes and oceans 🙂
  • 2. Then we were told to cut out our positive shape and to save both pieces of papers (the positive shape and the negative shape). I accidentally cut through my negative shape so I had to tape it back together (see below) – try to emphasize to students that they will need the negative shape so they should try to keep it in tact.
  • 3. Then we coloured in oil pastel around the edges of the positive shape (press hard). You could use complementary colours or other. We placed it on top of another piece of paper and smudged outward from the shape onto the paper, creating a cool smokey appearance. I used a paper towel to do my smudging as I found that worked well but you can also use your fingers or an eraser.
  • 4. Then we coloured oil pastel around the edges of the negative shape and did the same smudging process only smudging inward.


  • 5. We then taped our positive shape and negative to the back of our smudged paper in case we wanted to use them again and wrote out our “It might surprise you to know…” sentence with our unique answer filled in (we put these sentences on the back but it could also look nice to have the sentences on the front I think).


  • 6. Last, everyone put their art work up on the board and took a selfie picture next to their piece. I have a picture of that but don’t want to put my face up on my blog so here is a picture of everyone’s art works on the board instead. We were asked to bring the selfie printed out in black and white (about a half page in size) to our next class. We then used these for the graffiti wall activity.