Activity: Playing with Geometric Shapes

Activity: Playing with Geometric Shapes (Shape)

We took smaller white pieces of paper and folded them in half, then unfolded them so we had 2 sections to the paper.

  • On one side of the paper we stuck geometric shapes down to make a picture, pattern or abstract. We used those foam shapes you can buy at the dollar store that are sticky on the back when you peel the paper backing off. I have played with these a bunch at summer camp.
  • Then we used markers to colour on top of the shapes to essentially make them into stamps. After we finished colouring we pressed the other half of the white piece of paper onto the shapes to get a print of the shapes in the colours we had used on top. Some of the markers were running out and I realized the wetter the better (in terms of how the print comes out)! It was kind of fun to colour on top of shapes with different colours – e.g. colour yellow on top of a blue foamy circle – because I couldn’t see the yellow until I pressed the paper onto the blue foamy circle to make the print.


  • Next we took another white piece of paper and folded it the same way to get two sections. Then we took pencils and etched into the foamy shapes to create different patterns and textures. Then we printed the shapes again onto one side of our white paper. I realized I should have done this faster as I waited a bit in between doing the print above and the one below – by the time I did the one below the colouring I had done on top of the shapes with markers had almost dried so the print didn’t come out as nicely as I was hoping. I also realized I got a bit of texture / pattern in the prints I did on the first piece of paper just from the way that I coloured on top of the shapes.
  • The last step was to draw in pencil our pattern/picture/abstract on the other side of the second white piece of paper.


Everyone ended up with 2 little booklets of their shapes.