Activity: Graffiti Wall

Activity: Graffiti Wall (Form)

This was part 2 of the Selfie Mural activity (which was focused on shape).

Each person took their printed 1/2 page black and white selfie and taped it on top of carbon paper (usually black, and when you colour on paper that is on top of it the markings go through to the paper below it) to a piece of white paper. Then we tried to shade in the shadows we saw around our faces to create form (make ourselves look more 3D).

The first time I tried it I didn’t realize that the direction I shaded with my pencil would make such a difference. And I missed the shadows around my nose (which you can see is missing below!)


So I tried again and was happier with how my hair turned out in this picture as I was paying attention to pressing lighter and trying to move my pencil in one direction, but was not a fan of how the rest turned out (I liked everything but the hair better in the first version). I was feeling frustrated which is why I added the speech bubble in there! I will have to try this activity again another time 🙂


Another activity option was to do a group graffiti mural with an inspirational word for the course.