Activity: Experimenting with Colour

Activity: Experimenting with Colour (Colour)

This is a simple activity that lets students play around with colour.

Assignment: create something that shows the feeling those colours engender in you – you can pick one colour scheme (e.g. primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours, monochromatic colours, complementary colours) and then create a picture, pattern or abstract. Try to make it make sense – e.g. if you use primary colours maybe you want a simple design. If you use tertiary colours maybe you want something more sophisticated.

The picture/pattern/abstract can be representative of something those colours / materials bring to your mind. You can also label the colour scheme on the back and also write a brief description of your thoughts and ideas as you created this exploration.

Here is what I came up with that day. I was trying to play around with complementary colours and see if I could create emphasis / make them pop.