All the healthy food

Yummy pineapple stir fry thing – a bit spicy!

asparagus, pineapple, bean sprouts, peanuts, jalapeño slices, garlic slices, hoisin / stirfry sauce, some frozen veggies (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower), shrimp. i have a picture i’ll upload later.



I’ve learned how to make some healthy and (for the most part) yummy dishes over the last couple of months. Here are some ideas:

Breakfasts mostly involving fruit, boiled eggs, avocado, sometimes nuts (almonds mostly), yoghurt, sometimes granola, etc.



I also did a yummy turkey burger thing that I then cut up and ate with I think squash, beets and hummus / tzaziki


Also my tofu scramble thing: fried tofu in strips in a cast iron pan with olive oil and added dill, salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil and all spice powder thing. Then added in the beets, carrots and butternut squash i’d baked the other day. fried that all up then put it in a bowl and added more salt, pesto, tzaziki, hummus, avocado, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olive slices. tastes pretty good! serve with an apple on the side.


Tofu stirfry

First fry the tofu in thin strips with garlic and olive oil. Then take it out of the pan.

Then stir fry the frozen veggies with lots of garlic and peanuts / cashews and soy sauce and stir fry and hoisin sauce. Add in the bean sprouts. Add the tofu back in. Lots of garlic. I made some cous-cous and added it in at the end.


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