Mount Seymour

This was the first hike I did when I moved to BC and I found it so hard that first time. Luckily it got easier 🙂 Seymour is a great spot for a snowshoe or summer hike. Although it is getting super crowded up there now in the summer. I’ve only ever snowshoed to the first peak and have only hiked all the way to the third peak once or twice. Love stretching out in the sun on the rocks in the summer after a good hike up. Dog Mountain is another fun route up there, and good for a night hike or snowshoe in the winter. Recently when I was going up to Dog Mountain I veered off toward Suicide Bluffs but haven’t fully explored that area, would love to go back maybe in the summer when it’s not so slippery and check it out. I also did Dinkey Peak for the first time this past summer as it was the only place up there that wasn’t crawling with people the day we went up.



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