Mount Albert Edward

Not quite in Nanaimo but not too far and a fun overnighter. Actually we spent 2 nights. The first night we hiked in to Kwaii Lake (we had hoped to make it to Circlet but left the parking lot too late). Second day we went up to Albert Edward and camped again at Kwaii and then out on the third day. Fun in the summer and you can also snowshoe in the Paradise Meadows area in the winter (we did the Cabin Loop with the Cub Scouts a couple of years ago…they did not like the snowshoeing part!). There’s a few more peaks in the area that I would love to check out in the future (see the maps).


Here’s a couple of pictures from snowshoeing the Cabin trail (Cabin Loop? Cabin Lake?) with the Cubs. We saw a bunch of grey jays too.


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