Other tech tools

Here are some of the other tech tools we learned about that I don’t have enough to say about to write a full blog post on them:

  • GAFE (Google Apps for Education) to use in the classroom – we had a Skype lesson with a West Van teacher
  • Audacity – for recording sound – I started using Garage Band more (which I have used before to record guitar) because it comes with my Mac and realized that you can do a bit of sound clip editing on there as well
  • My classmates shared a ton of tools for creating stories, reading and other things. Kat did a great blog post on those too.
  • The Makey Makey was a really fun tool for learning about circuits and electricity – check out the post on Kat’s site here – thanks Kat for keeping such great track of all the tech stuff we did this semester!
  • I am also really into Trello now. At first I didn’t see the value of using it because my To Do lists were just fine in my outlook calendar or word documents, but the more I have on my to do lists and the more separate lists I have going the more confusing it gets. I like Trello because I can access my to do list from anywhere since it is online and I can have multiple lists going horizontally across the board. I can also have multiple boards going at once so I can have a to do list for school on one board, a to do list for work on another, etc. And I can easily drag things around if I want them to be under different headings or under my “done” column. Definitely helpful for organizing when I have a ton of stuff swimming around in my head and am going crazy.


Tech tools I want to learn more about

  • The Paper app by 53 – to draw whiteboard type sketches

Here are some other apps to turn your iPad into a whiteboard


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