Minecraft Fun

A few weeks ago we had some awesome middle school students come in to teach us about Minecraft. I have heard so much about Minecraft but never actually played it or seen it before. It was a pretty cool adventure to play the game myself. We were using really big computer screens which made me (and a few others) feel sick, but I can totally see how you could use Minecraft for educational purposes. We just stayed in the learning mode (I forget what it was called) and didn’t get into survival mode (mod??) but we went through a bunch of different rooms and few obstacles including a maze and a place where we had to try to build something. Jumping up ladders and swimming through water and learning how to turn left/right/front/back were all things to figure out, while the middle schoolers seemed to do them so naturally. It would be neat to use Minecraft in the classroom …you could build in a math problem to get from one room to the next or to build something, etc. Definitely lots of possibilities.


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