My twitter journey

Just a quick blog plot about my journey with twitter. I was not into the idea of having a twitter account at all when I started my teacher training program in the fall. I am already addicted enough to other websites like Facebook and didn’t want another reason to spend time online. Through the semester, I have gotten more comfortable with having an online presence. My twitter account now has my name on it (I started the semester with just my initial) although I am still not ready to link all my social media accounts so am not putting my handle on my blog. I am also finding twitter really useful in terms of following people or organizations who are working on stuff I care about. I think I have only published about 6 of my own tweets but I am following almost 100 people/orgs. They often tweet out resources or opportunities that I have been able to access because I “follow” them. It’s also a great way for me to archive resources I come across that I think I might want to access later. For example, I recently went to an event and an organization I was interested in presented, so I tweeted out that it was great to hear from them at the event and tagged them in my post. Now when I want to go back and look at their website, I will easily be able to find it. Some of my classmates are way ahead of me with this stuff in terms of “curating” pages of tweets that others have tweeted out but for now I am finding the way I am using twitter to be helpful to me.

I also learned how to follow hashtags this semester and am finding that helpful as well. For example when I want to look at what UBC’s Education program is doing, I just search their hashtag. I also am finding it useful to search #malahat before I drive up-island from Victoria and that has helped me know what trouble I am going to find on Highway 1. Then I can see all the posts people have tagged with #malahat and usually get the info I need on traffic and snow.

Tweetdeck is also something I am experimenting with. This tool lets me curate columns of posts to do with a specific hashtag and I am aware that I can also build my own lists or follow others’ lists (e.g. I am following and Indigenous Education list) but am still figuring out how to use those lists.


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