Screen Capture Software

Screen Capture Software

I recently made a fun video for my coworkers and wasn’t able to save it through the website I created it on. So, I started looking into different screen recorders / screen capture software options. I think this was the blog I looked at for advice.

I read that Camtasia works well, but you have to pay for it (although you can download a free trial) so I didn’t test it out.

I also tried Jing (that’s the one with the sun icon), which worked ok and did well with recording my audio (when I played it out of the computer but not when I used my headphones). However, I found the video to be kind of stagerred and not that smooth (almost like a stop motion animation) when I made it full screen (it wasn’t so bad when it was a smaller screen). Another problem I had with Jing was that it saved in a file format that I couldn’t save on our work computers for my coworkers to easily open. I was able to share the video by uploading it to the web but wasn’t keen on doing that since the video had my coworkers’ faces in it and I didn’t know if they would be okay with that.

In the end, I found my best option to be QuickTime, which is already built into my Mac and let me save my file as a Quick Time movie. The audio recording didn’t work too well as for some reason my computer started making clicking noises when I tried to turn on the audio recorder in Quick Time and this drowned out my music so I just recorded it silently and then used iMovie to edit my video (I imported the Quick Time video into iMovie), adding audio and also adding in transitions and titles and cutting out parts of the videos I didn’t want. That worked great and then I saved the iMovie as a .mp4 format that my coworkers could open using Quick Time on their computers.

Also, while we are on the subject, I’ll mention that I also like Grab for capturing still images. Really easy to use and quick, although it does save files as .tiff which I can’t upload to WordPress, so I end up copying and pasting the image I have screen captured with Grab into Powerpoint and then saving the image from the Powerpoint as a picture (.jpg) so I can upload it. Oh man converting file types!


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