Red snapper with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies

Snapper and veggies

Big win tonight was that I finally oven-roasted veggies pretty successfully 🙂 I burned a few of them but definitely an improvement over the tasteless undercooked veggies I was eating before. The secret? Cut very thin slices (although the ones that burned were too thin), try not to cut my fingers next time, lots of oil (accidentally poured a whole ton over the veggies but it seemed to work for them to sizzle in that while in the oven), lots of salt (needed more) and roast for about 20 minutes maybe next time in the oven at about 400 degree. I think I did about 30 minutes this time at 400 degrees. I roasted 1 carrot, 1 beet, 1 sweet potato and 1 eggplant. I had a butternut squash (I think? The label said banana squash but my grocery receipt said butternut – maybe they are the same thing?) that I forgot to roast so that’s going in next time.

The mashed potatoes turned out fine but they usually do and I used 3 potatoes which was too many. The fish tasted kind of bland so maybe needs more salt. I used garlic powder, this allspice variety spice thing I have, a bit of lime juice and some salt and pepper. Also I accidentally bought fish with bones and I am a big fan of fillet so next time will go with that!


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