First go at Moussaka! Recipe from: but cut the recipe down and only made 1/3. Also left out all the ingredients I didn’t have – the nutmeg, fine herbs and red wine. Tonight’s cooking adventure also included a desperate run to Mac’s after I had made pretty much the whole thing and realized I didn’t have milk to make the Béchamel sauce. Yay for convenience stores right across the street that are open late 🙂

Initial reactions: needed (lots) more salt, more eggplant and maybe more béchamel sauce. Also I probably only needed to cook it in the oven for 40 minutes, it got brown fast (although the eggplants took longer than I thought to brown when I fried them). I think it probably also could have used more of the tomato sauce (too bad because I have half the can sitting in my fridge now and it is probably going to go bad before I use it) – also maybe tasted like that because I left out the red wine. I also learned eggplants are impossible to peel with a peeler so went for the good old knife method.

Here are some pics! Forgot to take a pic of the béchamel sauce in the pot…


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