Guitar Comeback

I haven’t played guitar pretty much since I moved to Victoria but this weekend we finally have a bit of a break between assignments for school and my roommate and dog (who freaks out when she sees the guitar) were both away for the day so I pulled it out and played a few of my favourite songs. I noticed it’s harder to play now than it was before, my fingers weren’t moving quite as fast (both b/c of switching between chords being a finger work out and the tips of my fingers getting used to pressing into the strings again – ouch!) and my singing voice has never been great but I was definitely more off key today (and not timing the chords with the words quite as well)! And also strumming (keeping the rhythm and using my fingers to strum without a pick) was harder. I am outta practice I guess. Last year when I was living in Vancouver my roommate was really into guitar so we played a bit together and it inspired me to practice a lot more. This year I have definitely slacked off. One thing I remember I was working on also is trying to transition between chords in one motion rather than moving a couple fingers at a time (and also trying to quicken the transition between chords). It was great playing today though and reminded me I miss it! Have to try to make more time for that going forward 🙂

Here are the songs I learned to play last year that I now play for fun:

Riptide – Vance Joy (Capo 1)

I will follow you into the dark – Death Cab for Cutie (capo 5)

I bet my life – Imagine Dragons (capo 1)

Count on Me – Bruno Mars (no capo)

Wagon Wheel

Dust in the Wind


Here are the songs I want to learn or finish learning

Old Pine by Ben Howard (

Phillip Phillips – Home 

Stand by Me

Tears in Heaven (I know the intro but want to learn the rest)

Walking in Memphis

Brown eyed Girl

Closing Time (I can sort of play that one)

I was learning Blackbird from my old roommate

Hallelujah Leonard Cohen (inspired by Ooch staff jam!)

I would like to be able to play at camp again this year and it would also be really awesome to write a song for CGT (like Ooch does) with some of the others who play instruments as well and teach it to the camp.

Also I used to know how to change the strings on my guitar and it would be cool to learn how to do that again.



I have the basic ones down (C, G, D, A, Am, E, Em, Dm) working on F and the next one I want to work on is Bm


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