Stir fry…my go to


Learned this one from my roommate in Nanaimo. Chicken (breast) and frozen veggie pack (California Medley) and chow mien noodles (the ones you only have to soak in hot water for 2 mins) with peanuts. Stir fry sauce, soy sauce and hoisin sauce. And lots of garlic powder.

And stir fry with a twist…chow mein is not as easy to find in Toronto and my parents are not as big fans of frozen veggies…so tried the stir fry with rice noodles (like pad thai noodles – boil for 3 mins) and used cashews instead of peanuts and garlic paste instead of powder. And fresh veggies – first we sautéed the cut up cauliflower, then the carrots (cut into strips not circles), then the broccoli, then the mushrooms and bean sprouts. Cooked the chicken separately and then mixed everything together with the noodles. Tasted pretty good actually, could have maybe used a bit more salt. Picture coming soon!


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